Welcome at Toothwonders.com

If you have typed Toothwonders.com you might have noticed that you were automatically directed to Tandenpret.nl

Because it all started as a a Dutch dentist that couldn't help having an eye for all wonderous things connected to teeth. And as a mother of 2 children ofcourse the process of changing teeth has a great deal of attention since it is a big moment in their lives.

This was the start of the adventure to develop a more suitable medium to keep all those important treasures safe and ready for showing. This resulted in the proud production of the Dutch Toothbooklets in 2019. 

However, it's not only the Dutch children that experience these memorable moments ofcourse. It would only be fun and fair if the booklets would also become available to children from other countries.

So here was the inception of Toothwonders as the worldly sibling of Tandenpret.

The Dutch word 'Pret' translates into English as 'Joy'. And that is all the booklet wants to capture: joy and good memories. So children will be able to show the happy and proud moments when they finally have proof that they are truelly growing up.

Like children need time to grow, Toothwonders and Tandenpret also need time to grow. Now very proud to be able to present all 6 booklets also in French and one in Italian and hopefully in many more languages in time as well.

Are you just as enthousiastic about the booklets as I am?! Then please don't hesitate to contact me since I am more than happy to exchange thoughts with you!


Toothwonders & Tandenpret